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Articles Geotagging

Using WISroGIS you can add articles from your Joomla site to your own maps. To achieve this, you need to associate coordinates to each article to be published on map - this process is called geotagging.

After creating the articles using Joomla's Article Manager, you need to go through the following steps:


  1. add coordinates to each article you want to publish using the Geotagging Manager interface;
  2. check if all articles you want to publish are having coordinates associated
  3. create an Article Layer in Layers Manager using the category you want to publish
  4. create a map in Maps Manager that will display the above layer (geotagged category articles)
  5. load the Articles Layer on the map by selecting it from the list using the Add Layer button from the Overlay section
The map's center is automatically set so that all published articles are visible on the initial extent.

When adding a new geotag to an article or change an existing one, no map changes are required.

The demo map shows an overlay with the published articles from 'Latest Maps' category for which the geotagging information was set.

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