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Ekonomys Futures

Created on Saturday, 22 August 2009. Posted in Joomla || Extensions/Joomla Financial Extensions

The future is here: Ekonomys Futures (former WISro Yahoo Futures) is an AJAX module for Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x that offers up to 3 tickers displaying commodity futures - energy (oil, gas, gasoline), precious ...

I haven't received the download links, what next ?

Created on Monday, 19 March 2012. Posted in Support/FAQs

... on Account Maintenance link (select My Account from main menu, or click on the right-top link); on your account details page see the Order Information section to download your products. Please keep your ...

On how many sites can I use my purchased software ?

Created on Friday, 30 December 2011. Posted in Support/FAQs

Starting November 2010, you can use the purchased software at WIS.ro on unlimited number of Joomla web sites/domains, as well as on intranet servers.  ...

Terms and Conditions

Created on Friday, 01 June 2007. Posted in Terms of Service/Terms of Service

... Maintenance area. If the payment gateway does not provide to the Site a prompt notification of your payment, your order will be confirmed as soon as the payment will be received and accepted by the Site's ...

Privacy Policy

Created on Friday, 01 June 2007. Posted in Terms of Service/Terms of Service

...  user on voluntary basis. You as the Client are sole responsible for any information presented in Customer Information during registration or maintenance of the Customer Account. How Personal Informatio ...
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