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WISroGIS critical update: OpenLayers 2.8 released !

OpenLayers 2.8 stable released !

Please read this article to download and update your WISroGIS engine (versions prior to 1.10)  to OpenLayers release 2.8:

Update information:
  • download and unzip the archived OpenLayers.js script here
  • update to you server the attached OpenLayers.js file to plugin's /plugins/content/WISroGIS/OpenLayers/ directory  (see corresponding /mambots/content/WISroGIS/OpenLayers/ if using Joomla 1.0

 How to update your Open Street Map routing extension script for WISroGIS:

  • download and unzip the archived routing.js script here
  • update the routing.js file at /plugins/content/WISroGIS/extensions/routing/ directory (/mambots/content/WISroGIS/extensions/routing/ directory for Joomla 1.0)
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