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November 2017: due to Yahoo Finance service changes, we are unable to offer you consistent data streams. As a result, all Ekonomys products are not available at this moment.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and will let you know as soon as this problem will be fixed.

Ekonomys Quotes (former WISro Yahoo Quotes) is an AJAX module for Joomla 3 that allows you to manage, configure and display up to 3 tickers with stock quotes from Yahoo Finance to your site; based both on AJAX automatic refresh and cache file system, you may choose and customize the look and functionality, including configurable comparison charts, tickers control and on mouse over chart evolution display from regional Yahoo Finance stock market source. NEW: Add online your quotes into tickers and see comparison charts!
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Last updated: October 20, 2016 ver. 9 rev.4 - see Revision History for details.

jQuery scroller !
Joomla! Joomla! 3.x
Browser Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Safari Google Chrome Opera Opera
See features comparison matrix below

April 15, 2013 - version 8 rev.0
jQuery endless scrolling tickers for Quotes, Currencies, Futures
automatic table/inline layout according to static/scroller setup
unique ID removed - automatically using module ID instead

November 14, 2012 - version 7 rev.0 is released, Joomla 3 compatible !

August 18, 2011 - New features in ver.6 rev.0

  • Joomla 1.7 compatibility
  • Dynamic set the number of decimals on displayed symbol trade value

Version 5 rev.0 - January 2011: WISro Yahoo Quotes ticker becomes Ekonomys Quotes !

  • Added: display of last trade date/time
  • Ekonomys extensions: common versioning information


Version 4.0 - December 2010 : Joomla 1.6 released and supported in WISro Yahoo Quotes

  • dynamic addition of quotes in frontend, including comparison chart update
  • CSS file styling
  • Comparison chart position - at the top/bottom of data sets (tickers details)
  • Mouse over styling on data rows
  • more options for Link parameter: no link, link to Yahoo Finance details page

Version 3.5 - March 2010:

  • Test Mode - tests the Yahoo server data fetching; to be used if there are no information displayed (because of security restrictions - 403 Forbidden response codes);
  • Minichart icon display for tickers' symbols  Minichart icon display for tickers' symbols;
  • Mouse over minichart offset & container backend configurable parameters, for quick fit to various template positions;
  • Backend interface & parameters adjustments;
  • Removed various warnings and notices from being displayed.

Version 3 comes with a brand new JavaScript scroller that replace the old marquee-based-tickers from old versions to you offer best stock quotes appearance and management. The flexible AJAX requests allows you to configure and display the stock quotes based both on AJAX automatic refresh and cache file system.

Version details

Ver. 3.4:

  • cross-site script loading prevention tests;
  • HTML encoding for parameters;
  • backend display/hide status image (online - refresh);
  • usage of minichart source for comparison image;
  • allow multiple ticker instances having different chart sources

Version 3.3 new features:

  • Comparison chart automated display for ticker's symbols
  • Quickly customize the display and content of comparison chart:
    • Select display style: Text with mouse over display/Icon with mouse over display/Full image
    • Chart size: small/medium/large
    • Chart period: from 1 day to maximum period available from Yahoo
    • Chart image scaling and mouse over enlarging behaviour

NEW in 3.2: Direct category symbols listing from component - allows quick creation of ordered/limited list (such as Top 5 percent growth) directly from WISro Yahoo Quotes Component's defined categories: see http://finance.wis.ro/ for demo.

WISro Yahoo Quotes 3.2 is a Joomla! AJAX module designed to display up to 3 tickers containing stock exchange quotes from Yahoo Finance, with lots of display options: vertical/horizontal, static or scroller - see Configuration tab for details and possible combinations.

If installed together with WISro YahooQuotes component, has the option of displaying, instead of the Yahoo's symbol name,  a custom symbol's description from the component configuration (e.g. instead of Microsoft Corpora, it may display Microsoft).

Samples of WISro Yahoo Quotes 3.2 Module can be seen here and here


What's new in ver.3.1:

  • added optional link of symbol's detailed page from WISro Yahoo Quotes Component, if the symbol is listed there
  • added configurable usage of symbols' description (instead of the default naming from Yahoo) from WISro Yahoo Quotes Component, if installed together with the module
  • XHTML valid
  • configurable dual load mechanism: in place/on load event
  • multiple module instance handling

March 2009 - ver. 3.0 - March 2009:

  • replaced standard marquee with JavaScript ticker scrollers
  • automatically start/stop buttons on mouse hover/manual/dual mode control, offering the user control over each ticker
  • added configurable background color, border width and color

New features in 2.0:

  • AJAX configurable parameter for optimum refresh interval;
  • dual AJAX/cache controlled refresh system
  • configurable scrolling/static information display
  • optional frontend user AJAX refresh button
  • fully configurable display: show/hide quotes' symbol/value/change/percent change;
  • optional mini-chart display on mouse over symbols
  • Yahoo regional data-source selection for traded symbols' chart display (for the traded symbols without chart on main Yahoo Finance data center)

Configuration options


  • AJAX configurable parameter for optimum refresh interval;
  • configurable cache system to optimize the information display time; the cache storage and AJAX refresh can be used together for optimum site performance
  • static or scroller information display
  • horizontal or vertical ticker display;
  • customize and display up to 3 tickers;
  • individual ticker configuration:
    • ticker name (visible/hidden);
    • ticker content - symbol list, comma separated value;
  • individual scroll delay configuration for each of the chosen tickers;
  • select the scroll's behaviour:
    • automatically = running scroller with mouse over pause;
    • manual = running scroller with start/pause button;
    • combined = dual start/stop control: both on mouse over and start/stop buttons.
  • fast configuration for tickers' size: width and height;
  • optional display of:
    • current date - Joomla Country Locale compatible;
    • ticker names;
    • customizable display options: quotes symbol/value/change/percent change display;
    • optional display of symbol's chart
    • optional frontend Refresh button
    • configurable Yahoo Finance regional data-source (e.g. fr.ichart.yahoo.com for France)
    • configurable Yahoo server timeout access
    • module subtitle;
  • quick configuration of the stock quotes layout:
    • configurable background color, border width and color for the ticker
    • data display interface by odd/even rows color selection;

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