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How can I use several Ekonomys modules in the same page ?

To create more than one ticker (instance of the module) in the same page, you can duplicate (copy) any of the installed  Ekonomys module(s) - Quotes, Currencies, Futures, Search.

To use several Ekonomys modules in the same page, the following settings must be made to each module:

  1. Each copy of the Quotes/Currencies/Futures/Search module must have assigned a UniqueID parameter (this must be set to 1,2,3 and so on, each instance in the same page having a unique value);
  2. The "Data loading method" parameter (Advanced settings) must be set to 0 - 'in place script' - for all modules.

Ekonomys Quotes ticker, Ekonomys Currencies ticker and/or Ekonomys Futures ticker, as well as the Ekonomys AJAX Search module from Ekonomys Quotes component can be used together in the same Joomla page, with the above settings applied to each module.

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